Proven Conservative Leadership, Citizen Representative

​Jackie is a lifelong Republican, conservative, and 24 year resident of Cecil County.  She graduated with honors from Liberty University, has a Master’s Degree in Education from McDaniel College, and has worked in the education field for twenty-three years.  In 2009, she founded the Cecil County Patriots, a local grassroots organization that focuses on limited Constitutional government and fiscal responsibility.  As a member of the Executive Committee of the Cecil County Patriots, Jackie assisted in organizing events to benefit  our military, was a key researcher and writer, led efforts to protect local autonomy and property rights, and worked to promote more efficiency in government and less taxes, and to educate and engage the public in civic involvement.  She has continued to advocate for these ideals while serving on the Cecil County Council for the last three years.


Jackie is the current Vice President on the County Council.   As a council representative, Jackie serves on the Early Childhood Education Committee, the Childhood Advocacy Center, the Upper Shore Regional Council, and is the county representative to the Maryland Association of Counties. 


Jackie resides in the Elk Neck Peninsula with her three children.

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During my time in office, I have supported economic growth through infrastructure development, such as broadband expansion in rural areas and sewer expansion in our growth corridor, in addition to utilizing state programs to encourage businesses to locate in Cecil County.  As we move forward, we need focus on bringing higher paying jobs in the professional, technical, and manufacturing sectors to Cecil County.  As the pro-business candidate, I also support lower taxes and eliminating burdensome regulations that stifle business.


Guarding  your tax dollars and ensuring they are used wisely has been my top priority as your representative.   As your county councilwoman for the last three years, I have stood against wasteful spending and fought against tax increases.  As a middle class working mom, I understand what it means to budget for a family, and I recognize that your tax dollars are a precious resource that should be treated with care and respect.  I will continue to protect your tax dollars and work to make sure that all citizens are receiving the benefits of economic growth.


A safe community for is essential for families and businesses to thrive.  Combating the opiod crisis must be a top priority as it affects every facet of our community.  Our first responders must have the tools and resources they need to protect our community.  Our state's attorney's office needs adequate resources to investigate and prosecute criminals.  Education is the key to prevention, and resources for recovery and re-entry into our community must be available for those who seek to change their lifestyle.  


As an educator for 21 years, I know the value of a good educational system to a community.  Education has the potential to be the equalizer of mankind.  It is the key to a free society and prepares our children to be community members who can exercise citizenship and be independent as adults.  Keys to a good educational system are:

  • high behavioral and academic standards

  • investment at the classroom level

  • empowerment of teachers to meet the needs of their students

  • local control

  • parental and community involvement


Over the next few years, we will be facing new challenges in our local educational system.  While the Kirwan Commission's proposals will cost billions, they fail to address fundamental issues in our education system and lack the necessary accountability to evaluate the effectiveness of their implementation.  At the local level, we must advocate for meaningful reforms to benefit our children, and make sure our tax dollars are being used where they will count the most.


Local government is the first and last line of protection for our freedoms.  As a Constitutional conservative, I pledge to protect our liberties including the 2nd Amendment and  property rights.  Since we live in a state that often does not represent our rural, conservative values, our local government must be informed of what is occurring in our state legislature and work with our local delegation to make sure our voice is heard and our values are respected.  I have a good working relationship with our delegation as well as a history of supporting 2nd amendment, property rights, and local autonomy.  I will continue to fight for these values as I serve as your councilwoman for the next four years.

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Authority: Friends of Jackie Gregory, John Stricklett, Treasurer